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Integral Painting Solutions for the Industrial Sector

A tailored response to every need and application context.

We offer high performance and efficient painting solutions adaptable to a wide range of industrial sectors, and which have been specially designed to cover any type of need or customer specification.


A painting solution tailored to your needs.

Increase the durability, resistance and profitability of your application processes with high-performance painting products and systems, regardless of the size of the project.

estructura metalica

Metal Structures

Regardless of the sector, BESA has solutions that can be adapted to the reality of your business, increasing the added value of each surface, through an excellent finish and high corrosion protection of the structure.



Focused on increasing the hardness and physical-chemical resistance of our products to the extent possible, BESA provides solutions that are certified with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard, which extend the useful life of the application, with the ultimate goal of optimising profitability in the painting of industrial boilermaking.

publicas obras 1

Public Works

BESA is committed to providing a versatile service adapted to any painting need, type of substrate or structure. Therefore, our solutions are designed to optimise the performance and durability of all types of street furniture.

maquinaria 1 agricola

Agricultural Machinery

Painting agricultural machinery such as tractors, trailers, harvesters or ploughs, is a recurrent process due to the continuous exposure that these types of vehicles and tools are subjected to. Thanks to our painting solutions you will be able to increase the durability and resistance of any type of agricultural machine or tool.

construccion maquinaria 1


BESA has painting systems that have been specially optimised for the construction sector. Solutions created to provide an excellent response even in highly corrosive conditions, providing each surface a great aesthetic appeal and making its maintenance and cleaning easier.

vehiculo industrial

Industrial vehicle

Our coatings and paints for industrial vehicles have been formulated with the purpose of covering any repainting need in the workshop, regardless of the type of bodywork or vehicle to be repaired. It adapts its use according to the level of finish, resistance or colour required, in an agile, simple and cost-effective way.

herramienta 1 maquina

Industrial Machinery

The painting of industrial machines such as machining, milling machines, lathes or grinding machines requires comprehensive processes that provide a perfect balance between durability and an excellent finish.

ferroviario 1

Railway industry

In compliance with railway safety EN 45545 standards, we provide high-protection train painting products and systems, with excellent quality of finish and functionality.


BESA is aware of the high exposure and visibility that these elements are subjected to, and their importance as an attraction for customers. This is why we have developed solutions aimed at providing high resistance and protection of the substrate, in addition to a great aesthetic appeal, which is a differential aspect in this sector.

chimeneas hornos

Heat resistant

BESA's strong commitment to develop versatile, high-performance heat-resistant paints guarantees excellent results in different application sectors and markets, thanks to their excellent weather ability and high light-reflecting power.

bicicleta 1


The constant technological evolution and progression of the bicycle industry has meant that other markets, such as the bike paint market, have had to adapt in order to provide the best possible service. BESA has the products and painting processes that will optimise your business’ profitability.

1 cosmetica


We provide a range of water-based sol-gel hybrid technology paints, with differential features in the sector, which do not require prior treatment of the substrate. Our solutions will add value to the image, nature and decoration of packagings in the cosmetics sector.

gruas elevadores 1

Cranes and Hoists

The industrial crane manufacturing sector requires specific solutions specially designed to speed up and simplify the painting of large metal components and structures.

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Protective Coatings

We provide customised solutions designed to meet the highest regulatory and quality standards for the painting of containers, bridges, pipelines, sports buildings, etc. while providing a high aesthetic value to the surface and low maintenance cost. Our product range Includes primers with high galvanic and thermal protection, epoxy sealants and high resistance finishes.

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A unique solution for every business

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