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Paint for Agricultural Machinery: A Tailor-Made Solution

We provide a comprehensive response to your repair and painting needs in the agricultural sector

Our extensive experience in the field of painting of agricultural tools and machines allows us to provide solutions that combine an excellent balance between finishing quality and high resistance, two essential aspects in the agricultural sector.

Painting agricultural machinery such as tractors, trailers, harvesters or ploughs, is a recurrent process due to the continuous exposure that these types of vehicles and tools are subjected to. Thanks to our painting solutions you will be able to increase the durability and resistance of any type of agricultural machine or tool.

How do we help you

  • 1 A solution for each repair: the choice of a painting system for agricultural machinery must be adapted to the type and quality of the finish we want to obtain, and to the cost of the repair and painting process.
  • 2 Increased durability and resistance: we design painting solutions to extend the service life of agricultural machines and tools, thus reducing costs and maintenance cycles.
  • 3 Access to a wide range of colours: we have a wide range of tones and colours from the main colour charts on the market, which allows obtaining a correct colorimetry and an excellent aesthetic finish.
  • 4 Cost reduction and productivity increase: our paints are easy to apply, dry fast and provide excellent coverage, thus reducing the amount of product used and improving the painting flow of tools and agricultural machinery.

Increased durability and resistance of the surface, while obtaining a high quality finish.


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The painting systems designed by BESA are comprehensive solutions made up of products and application techniques to meet the different needs of the industrial sector.


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