Painting Solutions for Industrial Boilermaking

A wide range of painting and coating systems for any type of boilermaking structure

We are experts in the sector of painting for industrial boilermaking. We have solutions that have been specially designed for optimising the painting of tanks, silos, reservoirs, tanks, cisterns or any other type of metal structure.

Focused on increasing the hardness and physical-chemical resistance of our products to the extent possible, BESA provides solutions that are certified with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard, which extend the useful life of the application, with the ultimate goal of optimising profitability in the painting of industrial boilermaking.

How do we help you

  • 1 Reducing the time used in painting boilermaking: we have products that are easy to apply and handle, specially designed to simplify the application process and reduce drying times.
  • 2 Continuous technical support and advice: we provide all the experience and knowledge of our technical team, helping and guiding you from the initial stages of the project, with the purpose of designing the solution that best suits the reality of your business.
  • 3 Highly resistant to corrosion and durable: we design painting solutions based on different corrosivity levels, which guarantee greater durability and resistance of the painting system in the boilermaking sector.
  • 4 Versatility and flexibility: a wide adhesion on different steel, iron or galvanised substrates that favours the multifunctional application of each product.

We provide high quality solutions certified under the main corrosivity standards for the boilermaking sector.


Experts close to you to make your life easier.

The painting systems designed by BESA are comprehensive solutions made up of products and application techniques to meet the different needs of the industrial sector.


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