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Efficient painting solutions for the beauty and cosmetics industry

We are experts in decorating and painting glass and plastic containers

BESA has the latest technological developments in the manufacture of paints for containers, bottles or jars, and can provide high quality surface, aesthetic and optical features.

We provide a range of water-based sol-gel hybrid technology paints, with differential features in the sector, which do not require prior treatment of the substrate. Our solutions will add value to the image, nature and decoration of packagings in the cosmetics sector.

How do we help you

  • 1 Exclusivity and variety of finishes: we provide solutions that cover the wide spectrum of finishes in the cosmetic sector, from porcelain effect finishes, to gradients, shading or translucent effects.
  • 2 High adhesion coatings: we use hybrid paints (organic/inorganic) that improve adhesion by 50% (without the need for adhesion pretreatment) and abrasion resistance by 40% compared to other clearcoats on the market. They also improve adhesion of silkscreen printing on the containers, which cannot be achieved directly on glass.
  • 3 We reduce the rejection of containers in production: Currently, containers intended for this sector are protected and decorated with organic coatings with limited adhesion and abrasion resistance, which can be scratched after polymerisation. Our paints help reducing this problem, as we use no plastic packaging to protect containers during this process.
  • 4 High quality finish: our systems use nano-sized pigments (nanopigments) which are highly transparent, have low toxicity and good light fastness. As they are insoluble, they do not produce migrations or discolouration of the coating, thus optimising the quality of the finish.
  • 5 More agile and sustainable painting process: our solutions make it possible to eliminate steps in the painting process and reduce the polymerisation temperature, through the use of high-performance water-based paints. The elimination of pre-treatments of the glass surface and the use of nanopigments instead of acid soluble dyes are measures aimed at reducing the toxicity of products and their impact on their environment and at increasing their sustainability.

We use hybrid paints that improve adhesion to the substrate by 50% and resistance to abrasion by 40%.


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