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Paint for industrial machines

We design high performance solutions for the painting of machine tools

BESA has optimal products and painting systems to increase the durability of machine tools, providing excellent protection and resistance to increase the painting life cycle and reduce maintenance.

The painting of industrial machines such as machining, milling machines, lathes or grinding machines requires comprehensive processes that provide a perfect balance between durability and an excellent finish.

How do we help you

  • 1 Continuous technical support and advice: we provide all the experience and knowledge of our technical team, helping and guiding you from the initial stages of the project, with the purpose of designing the solution that best suits the reality of your business.
  • 2 Reducing the time used in painting industrial machinery: we have products that are easy to apply and handle, specially designed to simplify the application process and reduce drying times.
  • 3 High protection and durability: we provide an excellent layer of protection against mechanical factors (friction, impacts or abrasions) and chemical factors (oils, greases or fuels).
  • 4 Increased durability and resistance: we design painting solutions to extend the service life of machines and tools, thus reducing costs and maintenance cycles.
  • 5 Versatility and performance: a wide adhesion on different steel, iron or galvanised substrates that favours the multifunctional application of each product. In addition, its high performance allows optimising the use of materials, making the painting process of industrial machines as profitable as possible.

BESA believes in the firm commitment to add value to each machine after painting.


Experts close to you to make your life easier.

The painting systems designed by BESA are comprehensive solutions made up of products and application techniques to meet the different needs of the industrial sector.


Our expert team advises and helps you in a personalized way.

We are your partner in machine tool painting

The production of coatings and paints for machine tools has been a constant throughout BESA's extensive experience. It is a reference industry that is present in many sectors, which leads to a wide diversity and possibilities of painting.

We have a wide range of products and solutions that provide different qualities and resistance depending on the context and location of the machines.

What type of paint for industrial machinery to choose?

In order to obtain the best possible finish in the machine tool painting sector, it will be essential to consider aspects such as the level of environmental corrosiveness that the surface will be exposed to, and mechanical resistance factors such as impacts, abrasions or frictions, etc.