metalica estructura

High Efficiency Paint for Metal Structures

We provide solutions for the painting of metallic structures adapted to your sector

Our products and systems optimise the painting of large structures such as beams, pillars or metal profiles, with the main purpose of providing the surface with the resistance and durability required in any type of environment or location.

Regardless of the sector, BESA has solutions that can be adapted to the reality of your business, increasing the added value of each surface, through an excellent finish and high corrosion protection of the structure.

How do we help you

  • 1 Faster and more efficient painting of metallic structures: through the use of products that are specially designed to simplify the painting process, increase the coverage capacity and reduce drying times, we achieve maximum profitability in the painting process.
  • 2 High corrosion resistance and durability: we design painting solutions based on different corrosion levels certified with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard, which guarantee greater durability and resistance of the painting system.
  • 3 Adaptable to any type of metal surface: most of our solutions are compatible with metal substrates such as steel, iron, galvanised or aluminium.
  • 4 Wide range of colours and qualities: professionals will be able to adapt the quality of the finish and the range of colours according to their needs. We have a wide range of colours from the main colour charts on the market, from which we can obtain a correct colorimetry and an excellent aesthetic finish.

We adapt to the reality of your business, increasing the added value of each surface.


Experts close to you to make your life easier.

The painting systems designed by BESA are comprehensive solutions made up of products and application techniques to meet the different needs of the industrial sector.


Our expert team advises and helps you in a personalized way.

A painting solution for every type of metal structure

The location, exposure and context of each metal structure influences the type of coating to be chosen. That is why BESA has solutions that easily adapt to the painting of vaulted, trussed, laminated, hanging or triangular structures.