1 protective coatings

Painting solutions for the Protective Coatings Sector

Highest protection even in the most corrosive environments

BESA focuses its efforts on obtaining the highest protection against corrosion for steel and concrete structures and equipment exposed to corrosive environments, including marine, chemical, urban or rural.

We provide customised solutions designed to meet the highest regulatory and quality standards for the painting of containers, bridges, pipelines, sports buildings, etc. while providing a high aesthetic value to the surface and low maintenance cost. Our product range Includes primers with high galvanic and thermal protection, epoxy sealants and high resistance finishes.

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  • 1 High resistance of surfaces even in extreme conditions: we design painting solutions to extend the life of structures for protective coatings, even those subjected to the most extreme environmental conditions, ISO EN 12944 certified.
  • 2 Faster and more efficient painting in the protective coatings sector: by using products that have been specially designed to simplify application, increase coverage and reduce drying time, we achieve maximum profitability in the painting process.

High functional and aesthetic solutions with low maintenance costs.


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The painting systems designed by BESA are comprehensive solutions made up of products and application techniques to meet the different needs of the industrial sector.


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