Bodywork Attachments

Everything you need for a comprehensive repair

A wide line of auxiliary bodywork products to obtain a complete and high quality comprehensive repair.

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A wide range of different size and grit sandpaper and abrasive papers to optimise and maximise the profitability of sanding processes in the bodyshop.

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Sealing and Bonding

Increase the strength, protection and durability of your vehicle with our range of sealants and protective coatings for the bodywork sector.

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A wide range of products to cover any bodywork masking need.

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Anti Gravel

Products designed to reproduce the original finish and provide protection against gravel, salt or rust and even dampen engine sounds and vibrations.

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Cleaning and Preparation

High-quality bodywork attachments for surface cleaning and paint mixture preparation.

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Personal Protection

Personal protective equipment such as coveralls, gloves and masks to ensure the professional’s safety during the work processes.

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Machines and Tools

Application Guns, Substrates for parts or Pneumatic Sanders for a Comprehensive Painting Experience.