Systems and Paints for signs, banners and luminous signs

We help you to increase the profitability of painting processes in the signage sector

Regardless of the shape, size, or type of substrate, from façade signage to the painting of luminous signs or irregular structures, we provide a solution adapted to every need and type of project.

BESA is aware of the high exposure and visibility that these elements are subjected to, and their importance as an attraction for customers. This is why we have developed solutions aimed at providing high resistance and protection of the substrate, in addition to a great aesthetic appeal, which is a differential aspect in this sector.

How do we help you

  • 1 Adaptable to any type of surface: we have sign paints that provide excellent adhesion to different types of substrates, such as plastics, metal, glass or crystal.
  • 2 Greater durability and resistance: we design painting solutions to extend the useful life of signs and luminous signs, even those that are subjected to the most extreme environmental conditions, certified under ISO EN 12944 standards.
  • 3 Access to a wide range of colours: by using the main colour charts on the market you will have an endless number of options of sign paint to differentiate it aesthetically.
  • 4 Advice from a highly qualified technical team: our technical team provides a consultancy service, from the initial phase involving identifying the requirements for the painting of luminous signs, to implementing the painting system.

Differentiate your aesthetic appearance and get an excellent surface performance on different types of substrates.


Our expert team advises and helps you in a personalized way.