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URKIMIX PRO Car Paint System

High performance and versatility in basecoat or direct gloss systems

Thinner-based system specially designed for automotive repainting providing a very high performance, excellent coverage and blending capacity, which will allow you to achieve high productivity and high quality finishes.

Painstaking work in our colour laboratories and strict quality control of both raw materials and system basics guarantee full colour reproduction of solid, metallic, pearl and special effect colours.

Specially designed for easy application and touch-ups, it can be used for patch, panel and overall automotive repair.

URKIMIX PRO allows obtaining high quality finishes with full colour reproduction, both in basecoat and single stage systems.

Why choose URKIMIX PRO?

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High precision for professional painters

Each tablet has been hand painted for a faithful reproduction of the colours, with the same type of gun, nozzle, pressure and distance as those used by professionals in their work. In addition, precise chromatic arrangement is a great help in colour matching.

Agile response to any colour need

High-quality, easy-to-use spectrophotometer. Provides excellent colour matching and reproduction, and seamless integration with the URKIMIX PRO software and colour database.

State-of-the-art software

The URKIMIX PRO colour management software allows working against the cloud, sharing formulas with users in other workspaces and having access to their formulas, no matter where they are.

Optimises colour matching easily

A full chromatic circle that encompasses all the system’s bases, both chromatic, achromatic and effect colours. It also shows the flop and coverage power of each colour, and different tips and steps for colour correction.

Download Chromatic Circle

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01 Solid, metallic, pearl and special effect colors
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02 Spectrophomometer turns color readings into the most accurate combination of colors
03 For spot repairs, panels or complete car repainting

Dosing machine

With the help of the dosinng machine we shake the colour bases, keeping them available for dosing, with the help of the precision scale and the colour formula provided by the software.

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The solution for single stage finishes

The 35-position mixing machine is specially designed for painting single stage shades, allowing an easy control and management of the colour bases.

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The perfect solution for single stage finishes

URKIMIX PRO provides the possibility of adapting the system to obtain a perfect finish in single stage colours, through an easy to use system and excellent colorimetry, in addition to the integration of different components aimed at optimising the painting of vehicles with direct gloss.


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