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URKIMIX PRO Single stage Paint System

High-quality direct gloss colour finishes

A single stage painting system specially designed for automotive and industrial vehicle repainting with excellent performance and coverage power, with which you can achieve high productivity and optimum quality finishes.

The URKIMIX PRO system has all the elements required to obtain a perfect finish in single stage colours. It is easy to use and has excellent colorimetry. The integration of different components is aimed at optimising the direct gloss painting of vehicles. A perfect solution for both car repainting with solid colours, and for repairing industrial vehicles such as trucks, buses, commercial fleets or cranes.

With URKIMIX PRO you will have access to more than 40,000 single stage colours, virtually all the colours on the market formulated with direct gloss, complying with current VOC emissions regulations.

Why choose URKIMIX PRO?

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Precision for solid colours

The solid colour chart, called COLOUR TRUCK, comprises more than 3,500 single stage colours formulated with direct gloss. The chart is arranged chromatically, which makes the search easier and is of great help in colour matching.

It guarantees a high chromatic precision, in order to optimise colour matching and thus guarantee a good vehicle repainting job.

Agile response to any colour need

The URKIMIX PRO system integrates the spectrophotometer as a tool to optimise colour reproduction in the repair, an excellent option if you are looking for high colour matching in single stage colours. Its simple use and installation allows an easy colour recovery and correction.

State-of-the-art software

URKIMIX PRO colour management software works against the cloud, so you can share formulas with users in other workspaces and access their formulas, no matter where they are.

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carroceria 01 colorimetria urkimixpro
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01 Facilita el trabajo de recuperación de color a través nuesto espectofótometro.
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02 Facilita el trabajo de recuperación de color a través nuesto espectofótometro.
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03 Facilita el trabajo de recuperación de color a través nuesto espectofótometro.

Greater control of colour bases

The 35-position mixing machine is specially designed for painting single stage shades, allowing an easy control and management of the colour bases.

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